Hiring & Professional Development Workshops

Crown Global HR offers a variety of professional workshops structured to fit the needs of your team, all available online. We are here to assist you with ongoing growth and development focused on three primary topics:

Selection Interviews

Team Growth & Development

Leadership Tools for Talent

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Selection Interviews Workshops

Interview Training Workshop

  • Unify the hiring process with structured interview tools.
  • Certify your hiring team to become skilled interviewers, using questions and criteria designed to identify candidates with qualities of excellence beyond their resume or experience.

Time investment: Two sessions on-site or online.

Interview Introduction Workshop

  • Build team support for the interview process.
  • Educate leaders who provide hiring input, gaining an understanding of the core concepts of excellence with exposure to questions used to select and grow new employees.

Time investment: One session on-site or online.

Team Growth & Development Workshops

Leadership Growth and Goal Setting Workshop

  • Clarify specific strengths and define areas for growth.
  • Equip your leadership team with the value of personal theme-based feedback and a composite of the entire team’s talent.
  • Define practical Smarter goals personally and as a team for a measurable impact on leadership culture.
  • Enhance your existing professional development program for building leaders, district leaders, and board members.

Time investment: One phone interview and feedback call per participant plus one online or on-site session with all team members.

Leadership Tools for Talent Workshops

Accent on Excellence Workshop

  • Unify employee groups around the qualities of outstanding employees.
  • Focus specific employee teams on the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors lived out in top performers in their field.
  • Reinforce personal commitments to team members and the mission of your organization.

Time investment: Customized online or on-site session for staff development.

Clarifying Conflict Workshop

  • Increase understanding and avoid HR referrals.
  • Turn a potential blowout into a shared solution by mutually defining the issue and perspectives with under-performing employees.
  • Participants use collaborative planning tools and paired practice to confidently address a real issue with an employee.

Time investment: One-day session online or on-site with customized follow-up.

Using Crown Interviews for Growth Planning Workshop

  • Jump start employee growth plans using their selection interview.
  • Extend the impact of interview training by learning to give theme-based feedback to new employees.
  • Convert interview coding into a coaching strategy that supports employee strengths and defines areas for growth.

Time investment: One-day session on-site or online.

* Requires interview certification.

Attributes In Action Workshop

  • Learn how to live out the life themes of excellence.
  • Connect team members with practical ways to apply Crown attributes to their everyday professional life.
  • Crown associates can facilitate the session with your team or your leaders can become certified attribute coaches with their teams.

Time investment: One-day session online or on-site.

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Dr. John Skretta,