The older I get the more I realize it’s less about time management, and more about managing energy. In our distraction economy, my attention is in constant competition for focus. Real, valuable, life impaction things compete with shiny random stuff. This is counter culture.

It’s hard to make time for my brain to rest when any question that crosses my mind can be answered by my iPhone. I get so used to activity that I hardly stop moving any more. Standing or sitting at a desk working or browsing on a computer is still active — for the mind.

What I need most is REST. Michael Hyatt is famous for promoting time to completely unplug each day, weekend, and over holidays. I tend to have it backwards — I’ll push to get to a certain point and reward myself with a little rest.

I’ve come to learn that Mr. Hyatt is right. We are designed by our Creator to rest so that we can show our appreciation for created life and actually do better at our work. Taking time to rest allows me to be at my best when I need it most.

How does rest impact your personal and work life?

Life is a team sport. Help each other be at our best with enough rest.