Release Your Expertise

Crown’s expertise helps you know each candidate as a person, allowing you to focus your expertise on their knowledge, skills, and team fit.

Gain Objectivity

Gain a critical, objective understanding of candidates beyond their resume, matching their talents with your team goals.

Fuel Professional Development

Use our rich, personalized interview reporting to fuel the new employee’s development after they join your team.

How do you uncover who candidates really are, beyond the resume?

Crown Global HR provides three core recruitment and hiring solutions:

Recruitment as a Service

Managed end to end by Crown

When you need to source high-level leaders or specialty roles, Crown provides full-service recruitment and interviewing, managing the entire process end to end and presenting recommended candidates that meet our mutual standards. While you make all the key decisions, Crown associates manage the process as an HR partner, handling all the heavy lifting for you.


Online Applicant Screening
Example of a good candidate experience interview

Interview as a Service

Interviews by Crown to separate top candidates

For those who manage their own hiring process, Crown’s finalist interviewing service is a perfect way to enhance your decision making with insights that often go overlooked.  Hiring managers provide us with their top candidates for fast, cost-effective, and objective third-party interview reporting.


Interview as a Skill

Certify your team in theme-based interviewing

Becoming a Crown Certified Interviewer is ideal when you have higher volume front-line roles or have hiring managers who rely more on instincts than standards of excellence. Your team will become expert listeners who can recognize the best applicants and drive consensus on who to hire, how each person fits on the team, and how to define growth goals for new hires.


Crown Global HR

Each service is purpose-built to help cultivate a healthy culture of learning, collaboration, and growth by helping their clients recruit a higher caliber of person.  As a result, new hires are fundamentally further ahead coming into the organization, especially in areas of leadership soft skills, EQ, and motivation.

How to Get Started with Crown Global HR

Request a Consultation

During the first conversation, we listen and learn about your unique situation, your challenges, and what success looks like to you.

Success Strategy

Review your Success Strategy

We help you clarify your current needs and review the best options to accomplish your goals.


Design your Solution

Together, we build a plan that unites your team, clarifies your process, and aligns with your strategic goals.

Need Some Hiring Advice?

Request a free 30-minute consultation to describe your situation, and get a few tips on making quality hires instead of settling for the best available candidate.