Leaders who engage with their team take the time to understand and apply the intrinsic motivation of each person. An honest look at the stories that touch your soul come from your unique combination of experiences, emotions, and mindset.

It’s tempting to assume your team thinks like you because you’re all puling for the same cause, right? As a leader, it’s your job to get people to follow your example, right? If you happen to get one or two people that way, but how long will it last? The others may be playing along to get along.

Since one size fits one, what motivates you as a leader is probably not be the same thing that gets your team excited to get up and go each day.

Instead of assuming a favorite success story or data chart will inspire others, great leaders ask questions to help people connect what motivates them personally with a larger mission or goal.

As a leader growing other leaders, you’ll know when to celebrate progress together and fuel a commitment to positive action.

Life is a team sport. Increase your gas mileage by helping your team fill their own tank.