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We Clarify Your Most Important Decision: How Do I Grow My Team? Who Should I Hire?

Every decision starts with people, and the quality of those decisions often depends on the quality of your team. Does your team have gaps that keep you from reaching your goals? How do you know if you made the right hire? Crown Global HR takes the guesswork out of team building and hiring with a clear process to help you make your team more resilient in the face of turmoil and change.

Team Building and Professional Development

Give your leaders feedback for professional growth based on insights that go beyond annual survey data. We help leaders pinpoint their strengths and areas for growth, all in a trusting, goals-focused manner.



Cut through the noise and complexity of workforce sentiment. Get clarity on how effectively and consistently your leaders are practicing habits of excellence that create an engaging workplace where people thrive.



The Hidden Value of Theme-Based Interviews

What would change if every employee had the dedication, talent, and effectiveness of your top ten percent? In this ebook, we explain how you can make this a reality for your organization.


Crown partners with you to cultivate a healthy culture of learning, collaboration, and growth by helping you recruit and select a higher caliber person. We empower hiring managers with valuable insights and recommendations about candidates as part of your hiring process or by certifying your interview team to recognize the best candidates.


Interview Training
Interview Training


Focus your time and resources on applicants who reflect qualities you value, beyond the resume. Our automated Online Talent Screener helps you decide who to interview and areas to closely listen for in the next stage of the hiring process.


"Our staff selection and development tools contribute to our success more than any other thing we have done...Crown, we are blessed to have you working with us! Thank you."


"Crown provides critical information about potential new employees that impact our hiring decisions. They provide us a roadmap to build upon their strengths and areas for growth once they begin their career in Minnetonka."

Tim Alexander, Assistant Superintendent for HR

"We benefit immensely both individually and as a team. We continue to build on the learning as we go throughout the year together...We are proud to join Crown as a partner in lighting the flame and passing the flame on!"

Dr. John Skretta, Superintendent

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